Lindsay Grace - Engagement Design

Founder's Room 10-11am

Lindsay will outline how play and games can support the needs of libraries and their community through improving connections, supporting education, and developing thirst for new knowledge. The talk draws on case studies and academic research on games in such contexts.

Getting Started with Gaming

Jennifer Boudrye

Room 333 11am-12pm (max 36 people)

Want to incorporate or expand gaming in your library program, but wondering about the why, what, or how? Join us for a conversation with librarians who have made it work. Bring your questions, they will have answers so you can get started with gaming in your library! 

Lo-fi, Hi-Tech, Super Fun, Is it Possible?

Chloe Varelidi

Founder's Room 11am-12pm

In this session Chloe Varelidi curates a panel discussion around the successes, failures and challenges of designing and deploying games-based learning initiatives in low-resource settings. In this panel practitioners, researchers and donors will provide the audience with insights and practical examples of how games-based learning can be better designed to deliver both impact and fun.

Teaching Game Design in Libraries

Lindsay Grace

Room 300 11am-12pm (max 36 people)

Lindsay Grace will moderate a panel featuring librarians Chris Durr and Juan Rivera who teach media production and game design. They will share their strategies for properly scaffolding efforts by children and teenagers to design and create their own games.


Founder's Room 12:15-1:45pm

Please join us in the Founder’s Room for boxed lunches and soft drinks. You can also survey the Showcase exhibits on the Atrium level and network with other participants of the conference.

Integrating Games and Pedagogy

Dr. Chris Harris

Room 333   2-3:30pm (max 36 people)

Games in libraries can be instructional as well as recreational. Dr. Christopher Harris will lead this discussion of the pedagogical use of games in different types of libraries and how they can be directly aligned to curriculum standards.

Games as Media Literacy and Game Modding Workshop

Bob Hone

Founder's Room   2-3:30pm

Bob Hone, co-designer of the popular Factitious fake news game will report on the use of Factitious in libraries around the country to teach information literacy. He will also present results from a “modding” workshop at the Ron Brown High School in DC where Kenneth Nero and students have created a custom version of Factitious. Participants will learn how to use the Factitious “game platform” to create their own custom versions.

Constructing a College Library Games Collection

Derrick Jefferson

Room 300  2-3:30pm (max 36 people)

What does it take to curate a college library game collection that people actually want to use? From a local partnership, to how we catalog and promote new games (and how faculty use games in their classes!), hear from the people behind the American University Library’s successful board game collection.

Keynote - Paul Reynolds, FableVision

Founder's Room 3:45-4:30pm

Paul Reynolds will share his passion and advocacy for our nation’s school and public libraries as critical catalysts for the innovation that is so necessary to foster the next generation of creative problem-solvers. Through stories, animation, and personal anecdotes, Paul will share how FableVision/Reynolds Center has been partnering with educators and librarians around the globe to support creativity and self-expression, as well as providing low-cost, meaningful STEAM/maker education for very young learners.

Book Signing - Paul Reynolds

Founder's Room 4:30pm

Paul Reynolds will sign copies of his books: Sydney and Simon: To the Moon! and others.