Panelist Case Study Vignettes

The case study vignettes below showcase the passion and expertise of some of the presenters at the conference. They explore the ways that games and game design can create engaging educational experiences in public and school libraries.

They were created by a talented team of artists, writers, musicians, and producers at FableVision Studio with Principal Investigator Bob Hone providing guidance.

Please note that the video tag line, “Libraries Got Game”, is also the title of a book of the same name by Chris Harris, a member of the Leadership Panel for the project. You can find his excellent book here.

We hope you enjoy the videos!

Keynote speaker and expert game designer Lindsay Grace recounts how reading magazines about programming at his local library as a child sparked his initial and continuing exploration of games and game design.

Lindsay Grace

Knight Chair of Interactive Media, Univ. of Miami, FL

Erin Walter-Lerman

Librarian, Justice HS, Fairfax County, VA

Librarian and teacher Erin Walter-Lerman reports that using games in her classes has helped increase students’ creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration.

Media designer Juan Rivera describes how students get inspired as they learn how to build 3D characters and then add them to their games.

Juan Rivera

Media Designer, Orange County Library System, FL

Kenny Nero

Librarian, Ron Brown HS, Washington, DC

Librarian Kenny Nero describes how students at Ron Brown HS collaborated with the American University Game Lab to create their own custom version of the popular Factitious news game.